New York startup wants to revolutionize the real estate industry with the launch of a new app

As one of the youngest New York realtors, Hannah Bomze knows her way around the real estate market like no one else – last year she launched an app with her new startup Casa Blanca that is supposed to drastically change the property search and real estate industry.

You don’t have to live in New York City to be all too familiar with the frustration that quickly arises when looking for an apartment – but Hannah Bomze, one of the youngest certified New York realtors, knows her way around the US real estate market and finds: In large metropolises is it particularly bad.

That is why she founded Casa Blanca: a startup that aims to make life easier for those looking for accommodation and also to change the real estate industry itself.

LET’S Real Estate was launched at the beginning of last year

The offer of the young company has been around for a little over a year and a half. It is an app: The platform called LET’S Real Estate is intended to be used by those looking for accommodation – without the usual negative aspects. Both customers who buy and customers who want to find a rental property are served.

Fortune magazine quotes Bomze as saying that the search for an apartment has always been too negatively burdened for a process that should actually be based on the joy and excitement about the upcoming house purchase. Bomze wants to change that with an effective and transparent team.

Customer orientation comes first at Casa Blanca

The most important thing: To put the needs of the customers above those of the brokers. That doesn’t seem to be common in the New York real estate industry – according to Fortune, Bomze says, “I’ve been in the real estate business since I was 18 and can safely say I’ve seen it all. I have extreme competition and disproportionate orders […] experienced, and I wanted to change that. “

And: “Under companies like Compass and Douglas Elliman, the agents behave like their own bosses – [sie stehen] in competition with their colleagues. We [hingegen] operate as a closed team, support each other. “

Based on this attitude, Bomze has apparently managed to hire 15 brokers or agents who have not been poached since the app was launched. According to the company, these 15 brokers have been able to conclude a little more than 100 contracts as representatives for sellers and as much as 150 contracts as buyers’ representatives.

Exceptionally low brokerage costs

Casa Blanca was able to achieve these numbers with an aesthetic but clear design and a function that many customers are probably already familiar with from online dating: swiping. Houses or apartments that customers like are swiped to the right, everyone else to the left. In addition, after downloading the app, apartment hunters have to answer a few questions about themselves, their lifestyle, their wishes regarding the neighborhood and so on. This should make it easier for brokers to find the right “match” with house and customer. So it’s about more than just the number of square meters and the price.

According to Bomze Fortune, Casa Blanca is not only the company name, but also the feeling of customers when they enter their new home for the first time: a new beginning, a new place for new memories.

Casa Blanca offers its customers another advantage: unusually low brokerage costs. Buyers only pay one percent, sellers have to pay three percent of the purchase price as commission. The percentages otherwise usual in the New York real estate industry are significantly higher, according to information on the company website.
Unfortunately, LET’S Real Estate is currently only available in New York City and there are no commercial properties available yet. According to Fortune, Bomze plans to expand within the United States. Perhaps as a result, she can not only give her customers in New York a particularly positive experience when looking for an apartment, but actually change the real estate industry a little.

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