Future Farm is bringing the Future Sausage to the Netherlands

The ‘Future Sausage’ is the fourth vegetarian product that will be on the supermarket shelves next to the Future Burger, Future Meatballs and Future Minced Meat.

Unique vegetable skin
Future Farm has been available in the Netherlands since the end of June 2020 and wants to compete with real meat on both quality and price. The brand appears to be a formidable competitor for the increasingly delicious products from De Vegetarian Slager, Vivera and the growing assortments of private labels at various large supermarket chains such as Jumbo and AH. These providers jointly use a growing market because more and more consumers no longer consider it ‘normal’ and environmentally harmful to eat as much meat as in the past. So the competition is actually more with the meat sector than with each other. Good marketers are responding to this, as recently announced at McDonald’s: “ Our aim is that by 2023 only half of the protein we sell consists of beef. ” Originally meat producers such as Mora and Unox are also expanding their vegetable range. out, anticipating the future.

According to the brand owners, Future Farm sausages cannot be distinguished from real pork on taste, texture or visual level. ‘The famous juicy and crunchy sensation of a pork sausage is simulated in the Future Sausage by a unique technology with a “skin” made of algae. The sausage tastes like spiced pork but is lighter in taste than the animal variety. The sausages are also produced without genetically modified ingredients, food colors, artificial flavors or additives’, is the explanation.

Revolution in meat
‘We started Future Farm with a clear goal; we want to revolutionize the meat category. With the latest technologies and a purposeful focus not to negatively impact the environment, we bring innovation to a category that has stood still for decades, ” said Marcos Leta, Future Farm founder. MarketingTribune.

The Future sausage can be used, among other things, as a hot dog, in pasta or as a topping on pizza. ‘With the coming winter months coming, the Future Sausage also seems to me to be the ideal substitute for smoked sausage in the stew’, Leta adds. If every Dutch person were to replace a pork sausage with a Future Sausage once a week, the theoretically 127 billion liters of water could be saved *, the foodtech disruptor still proud.

* source: Environment Impact calculator of the Vegetarian Brazilian Society (SVB)

About Future Farm
Future Farm, known as Fazenda Futuro in Brazil, was founded in April 2019. It is an independent food manufacturer that uses advanced technology to create the best plant-based products on the market. Their innovative approach allows them to create food that has the same taste, texture and juiciness as meat – without harming animals or the planet. In Brazil, food is seen as a unifying factor that creates a sense of togetherness. In that spirit, Future Farm is on a mission to innovate food in a way that is good for people, the planet and your plate. The “Future Burger”, minced meat, meatballs and sausage have as main ingredients: peas, soy, chickpeas and beet powder (to simulate the color of the meat). All products are free from gluten and GMOs. Fast Company has already named Fazenda Futuro as “world changing idea 2020”. “

(source: Fazenda Futuro)


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