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BCO dresses tailor-made aircraft

It is to this SME based in Steinfort that Luxair notably entrusted the recent makeover of two devices. But in a dozen years, the company’s adhesive decorations have already shone on hundreds of devices.



It is to this SME based in Steinfort that Luxair notably entrusted the recent makeover of two devices. But in a dozen years, the company’s adhesive decorations have already shone on hundreds of devices.

While heavy clouds were already darkening the airlines’ horizon, Luxair was striking a blow this summer. Offering the artist Sumo the care to bring his bright colors and his stroke of genius to the sides of a Boeing 737-800. Rebelote in September, on a De Havilland Q400 of the national company. But behind the paw of the graphic designer, hides the know-how of BCO-Aviation.

“Just for the first device, LX-LGU, it took 11 people dedicated to the installation of stickers in a hangar at Luxembourg airport. An operation which will have taken nearly 19 hours, ”recalls François-Etienne Marion, sales coordinator in the SME. Because this is the market above which the company hovers: revamping with its high-tech adhesives the flying devices which would like to adopt, for one day or several years, a new appearance.

And don’t think that this is all about producing ordinary XXL stickers. “On the contrary, it is also about high technology like everything that surrounds aeronautics, defends Valentin Pauly, sales director. Our decorations must indeed meet a whole series of obligations before obtaining the certification essential to equip a device ”. What the naive will take for simple adhesives must thus pass burning tests demonstrating their capacity to resist X seconds to flames, that their combustion does not release toxic agents, etc.

The parts which, placed end to end, will dress this or that part of the cabin must also have demonstrated their resistance to all kinds of stresses. To the sun’s rays (so as not to peel off), to changes in temperature and weather, to erosion due to friction with the air, to de-icing products used in winter but above all … to speed. Indeed, there is no question that such a marking on the tail, or such a decoration deposited on the tail of an aircraft does not come off under the pretext that the bar of 900 km / h has been exceeded.

BCO-Aviation has its own team of installers who move from airport to airport, according to orders.

Photo: DR

In nearly a dozen years (and hundreds of contracts), BCO-Aviation has been able to refine its art of installation. “We not only have a special glue but we even add a special varnish above the multicolored vinyl plates so that they adhere perfectly”, reveals François-Etienne Marion. As a result, the marking can last for years on a perfectly cleaned, degreased surface. Cargolux has already cracked, Sabena also “but also ASL or DHL, TAG, AirMalta and many others”, smile the two entrepreneurs whose main competitors are based in the South of France, in Toulouse, the cradle of Airbus, or in the North. from the Netherlands.

“Blows”, BCO has already signed significant. Like this dressing of part of the Brussel Airlines fleet with the players of the Belgian national football team. Regularly, they were even asked to change the face of this Red Devil for another, according to the choices of the breeder … “It is also because our UV printing, the line, is much more precise on adhesive. than in painting that companies use this form of dressing ”.

Resources in the hold

Of course, the air gap recorded by its customers in recent months has created a lot of turbulence in the future of the order book. Operations such as that of Luxair have become rare for the SME which has just obtained the Made in Luxembourg label. Fortunately, a number of companies having had to reorient their fleets from passenger travel to freight transport thought of contacting BCO when it was necessary to affix new stickers all over the interior of the devices reminding them of the rules of storage, their safety. displacement in the middle of loads, etc.

From technical lettering to tablet dressing, BCO-Aviation has more than one product to offer.

Photo: Luc Deflorenne

“Technical lettering” has (temporarily) taken precedence over “made-to-measure makeovers”. The SME therefore revised its flight plan for the year. No, turnover will not approach one million euros this year as it did last year, but BCO-Aviation has resources in the hold. “We also produce the stickers that dress the seat tables, also design the headrests, personalized cushions but also interior trim for private jets, we will have to dig this track”.

Otherwise, the company is also counting on the transfer of devices from one company to another that the crisis could favor. No question then of keeping the colors of the previous owner. “Hello, BCO-Aviation, it’s for a new suit …”


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