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Despite the many measures already employed, the issue of content protection remains relevant in the press sector, especially since the takeover of online media. To solve this problem a little more effectively, the company WordProof has thought of using the blockchain. It has just launched a plugin for the WordPress web publishing platform in order to allow users to time stamp content on the Ethereum blockchain. More details below.

Provide a unique fingerprint to the different content produced

With around 37% of all websites supported, WordPress would hold 60% of the CMS market. A web presence well worth it reassure its users of the inviolability of their copyright. This innovation is naturally welcome in the sense that it provides a suitable solution to the problem. The puglin put together by WordProof will be used to protect the content edited by its users and to prove that they are the producers.

Presented on October 22 at the virtual conference BlockDown 2020 3D from London, the idea immediately gained community support. In particular, it will allow provide a unique fingerprint to the version of the content stored on the blockchain Ethereum. This is a powerful verification tool for websites, as websites have proof of publication time. This fingerprint can now be used to put an end to the usual copyright conflicts that certain websites encounter.

A tool that can be used in all content management systems

Product manager at WordProof, Jelle van der schoot took the opportunity to say a little more about the ambitions of the company with its new product. It’s about making it eventually the most user-friendly time stamp tool for use in any content management system. The choice of Ethereum responds to this ambition to become a benchmark of its kind in the sector. ” The addition of support for Ethereum marks an important step towards achieving this goal, which is why we are thrilled to welcome the Ethereum community! »Affirmed the leader of WordProof.


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This initiative is just one more illustration of the possibilities offered by the blockchain to authenticate documents in order to easily link them to their original owner. The tool should be quickly adopted by online press players using WordPress services and why not get along with the competition.


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