Success: These are the 10 skills workers need today

Creativity, leadership skills, etc. These are the skills that will be most important in the future of work.imago images / Westend61

1. Coping with complex problems

“Learning to learn” forms the basis for keeping pace with the challenges of a constantly changing world of work. In the “Future of Jobs” report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020, being able to solve complex problems is therefore the most important quality for employees like Tsega Belachew and Rachel Surkin from the non-profit organization IREX on the side of the Write WEF. The WEF expects that 54 percent of all employees will need further training by 2022 in order to meet the changed demands of their job. Overcoming complex problems also came top in the 2015 ranking.

2. Critical thinking

It is becoming increasingly difficult to separate facts from mere opinion or purposeful disinformation. According to the report, good specialists must also learn to correctly classify their own impulses in order to prevent wrong decisions. “Critical thinking” was in fourth place in the 2015 ranking.

Most important skills in the job

These are the other eight top qualifications workers need according to the WEF 2020:

3. Creativity (2015: tenth place)

4. Leadership skills (2015: third place)

5. Voting with others (2015: second place)

6. Emotional intelligence (2015: not in the top 10)

7. Judgment and decision-making ability (2015: eighth place)

8. Service orientation (2015: seventh place)

9. Negotiating skills (2015: fifth place)

10. Mental flexibility (2015: not in the top 10; quality control and listening were dropped)

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