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Hardly any US election was interpreted in advance as much for its effect as the duel between Trump and Biden. The markets are reacting nervously, so the hope remains that at least this will change after the election, but that is not certain. We could also draw on the full range of headings that deal with Corona, a possible second lockdown and its consequences. Would you like some examples? “According to the RKI, all of Germany is now a corona risk area” (Die Welt) or the next day “We have to assume that more people will die” or “The situation is very serious” (Süddeutsche Zeitung). Important note for the state of the nation: The toilet paper indicator, according to Frank-B. Werner in Börse Online. We’d rather go for the Handelsblatt – no, we read it – because yesterday the headline was “New Optimism”. That made up the sheet among the DAX companies, we can all use it.

Opportunities or timing

The current Börse Online Magazin deals with the youngest newcomers to the stock exchange and presents the most important ones as “12 new opportunities”. With 447 IPOs worldwide, the 3rd quarter of 2020 is more productive than it has been in a long time, according to the paper. In addition to the USA and China, there were at least 39 IPOs in Europe. In Germany, or more precisely, for German companies, there were six: Siemens Energy, Hensoldt, Knaus Tabbert and Brockhaus Management, and Curevac and VIA Optronics were listed on Nasdaq and NYSE, respectively. Focus Money dedicated its cover story to “ingenious timing strategies”. More precisely and somewhat complexly, the story is called “Earning in the yo-yo markets: Profits with new systems, stocks and ETFs that are far too cheap and that bring both income and calm”. In addition, Focus Money is presenting the “new Dax” and asks whether it will then be “bigger, better and more attractive”.

Moon or mars?

We couldn’t really classify two extraterrestrial reports. In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung it was read that Nokia wants to set up a cellular network on the moon, more precisely a 4G network. Well, who wouldn’t want to shoot his telephone provider at the moon many times, but call him right there, that was out of the question so far. In fact, the Americans are planning a permanent presence with the Man in the Moon from 2028 – and then of course they want to be able to make phone calls and communicate. The Amazon package should still take some time to arrive, Prime or not. We owe another message to Elon Musk wants to settle the super-rich on Mars. It was not entirely clear from the report whether they should be better off or our planet. SpaceX should make it possible anyway, maybe there will be a second request from Nokia soon? But then 5G!

Berlin or Schilda

On October 31, 2020 it should actually be that time: The new Berlin airport BER should open. Opportunity for the Handelsblatt to question the reasons for the long construction progress under “Why BER is only now going online”. And maybe to recap a few numbers: Actual start of construction: 2006! Target opening: June 3, 2012! Cancellation: May 8, 2012. New date: After the summer vacation. However, originally the airport was actually supposed to open in 2011, but then a planning office went bankrupt, that much only marginally. From then on it was fire protection and the Handelsblatt also found that the construction companies needed time, but earned well! The nicest sentence in the article: “Error messages like this make the BER something like the modern version of the Schilda town hall. The people of Schild built it nicely, but forgot the windows ”.

Short or long

As a Dortmund fan at the Bavarian Stock Exchange you are used to a lot, and now the Handelsblatt is also writing about “short bets against the BVB share”. Background: Due to the rising corona numbers, hedge funds are betting on falling prices at the only listed Bundesliga club. After all, Dortmund’s share price has halved since March, but first analysts, according to the Handelsblatt, see potential for investors – if they believe in the importance of football even after the pandemic. And, one is willing to add that it was just a slip in Rome.

the fifth season

For people from the Rhineland, the fifth season usually stands for the carnival, for Munich residents for the Oktoberfest time – both currently have little reason to be happy, thanks to Corona it remains four seasons. All the more we stumbled upon the headline “Fifth quarterly profit in a row for Tesla”, since we previously thought we were simply in the fourth quarter, in which “normal” companies report figures for the third quarter. Not so Tesla, which proudly posted profits for the fifth quarter in a row. After all. Chapeau!

Author of the press review: Ulrich Kirstein, Bayerische Börse AG

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