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The department store reports that it was a challenge to reproduce the taste of the smoked sausage well vegetable. ‘It took more than a year to develop a worthy vegetarian alternative. We have been very particular about the taste. The reason for this is that it simply took a lot of time before everyone was satisfied with the taste of the OokWorst. “We have been very picky about the taste,” said spokesman Marry Jansen-Kin on RTL Z. This channel concludes: ‘The most famous smoked sausage in the world is now also available for vegetarians’. The Hema does according to no explanation in which factory the OokWorst is made. ‘The’ normal ‘smoked sausage is namely manufactured by Unox. This party has also been selling vegetarian smoked sausage itself for a number of years. Just like in the OokWorst, this sausage contains eggs with two Beter Leven stars. Another important ingredient of the OokWorst are peas. ‘

On the expensive side
A OokWorst will cost 3.50 euros, making it more expensive than the meat variant of the Hema, which yields 2.25 euros. According to the law of the founder of the Vegetarian Butcher, Jaap Korteweg, meat substitutes must firstly taste at least as good as regular meat and secondly be about the same price or cheaper to ‘win’ meat. Then the vegetable revolution starts, according to Korteweg. The current asking price at the Hema is therefore too high, so that the Ookworst looks more like ‘window dressing‘.


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