You must bear this in mind when discussing your termination notice

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# 1 thank you

A termination interview can be productive for both sides and end the collaboration in a professional way. The Austrian job platform Stepstone therefore advises on its blog to concentrate on the positive, for example by highlighting what you have learned in your current position: “Thank you for the good cooperation. Even if you quit because of dissatisfaction, you probably didn’t have negative experiences together all the time. Emphasizing the positive lifts the general mood – and makes the finish easier. “

# 2 Confidently into the termination interview

A harmonious farewell does not require the soon-to-be-former employee to be put on the defensive. “Stick to the truth in the conversation and resist the temptation to justify yourself. After all, you have a right to quit, ”the guide says.

# 3 regulate transition

The end of working hours should be clarified in a termination interview. “Think about how you can handle projects that are still open,” recommends Stepstone. Those who mean well with the company can also make suggestions for improving the position. Of course, this assumes that the supervisor appreciates such farewell insights.

# 4 Be careful when discussing the termination

“Don’t give too many details,” recommends Stepstone. “If the boss asks you where you are going and you don’t want to answer, just say that you’d be happy to get in touch when you’ve settled in your new position.”

# 5 Don’t be caught off guard

Many a supervisor needs to be resigned in order to recognize the value of an employee. Then the actually final conversation may be used to prevent the termination with a promotion or a raise. “Don’t say yes too quickly,” warn the labor market experts. “Take the time to think it over – and think carefully about whether you want to accept the offer. After all, you have good reasons to go. “

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