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These countries are reducing their coal consumption particularly sharply

With coal prices so low, climate protection must obviously take a back seat. According to BP, Luxembourg generated a third more electricity from coal in 2019 than in the previous year. The oil company also recorded double-digit growth in its annual energy report for New Zealand (14 percent) and the alleged solar power champion Morocco (29 percent). Furthermore, coal remains the most important energy source worldwide. But many countries are preparing for the climate-friendly jump.

Coal on the decline

In the BP analysis, 26 of the 79 countries examined consumed more coal than in 2018. However, the countries in which coal is on the decline were clearly in the majority. 43 countries were able to reduce their demand in 2019 (consumption remained the same in ten countries or no data was available). In 23 countries the minus was even in the double-digit percentage range. But how much does that actually benefit the climate?

Let’s take a closer look: These countries saw the sharpest decline in coal in 2019.


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