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Launched during the summer of 2020, this survey launched by the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB) ended on October 5, 2020. We told you about it! And after a little less than a month of waiting, it looks like the results are ready to be released. Indeed, an event will take place tomorrow, Wednesday October 28, 2020, to provide a restitution of these results. And Cryptocurrencies will be on hand to cover this evening organized and hosted by AFNOR!


Professionals and politicians who made the trip

For this evening of restitution of the results of the investigation conducted by the FFPB, many people made the trip, starting with Remy André Ozcan, President of the FFPB.

The digital secretary of state, Cédric O, will represent the state. TheAFNOR (French Agency for Standardization), represented in particular by Olivier Peyrat, is also participating in the event in addition to taking place on their premises.

Finally, many private sector executives will be present such as:

  • Mourad Faher (Thales);
  • Yves Le Querrec (Postal bank) ;
  • Sylvain Cariou (Crystalchain);
  • Fatih Balyeli (Exaion – EDF Group);
  • Other representatives of specialized startups.

It is interesting to see so many actors involved for such an event.


A busy schedule

Throughout the evening, multiple events are expected. The objective, beyond presenting the results of the survey of the past months, is to discuss Blockchain and its applications in a professional setting.

Thus, in addition to opening and closing speeches, round tables will take place on the subject, or concrete presentations of use cases or ongoing R&D.

Those present will thus be able to share their feelings and research over the past few months, in order to continue to advance the ecosystem of the Blockchain and its applications in the professional world.

This program is consistent with the ambitions and objectives of the FFPB, which wants to bring together and federate all the emerging or old players in Blockchain, a sector that is still very recent and in full expansion.


This evening, you will understand, takes place to present the expected results of a survey conducted for several months aimed at making a precise inventory of Blockchain players in France. But this evening will also be the pretext for bringing together many important players in the ecosystem, and for them to share their different visions, but also the latest Blockchain advances. French players want to move forward together, under a single banner, so as not to be left behind in a booming technological sector. As said in the introduction, Cryptocurrencies will be present on site tomorrow evening, and an article dedicated to this evening will obviously be written.


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