The Dutch again ate more meat

According to Now the figures show that we are mainly eating more poultry meat; pork shows a smaller increase. The Dutch eat an average of 18.5 kilos of pig per year. Chicken is in second place, with 11.5 kilos per capita of the Dutch population. Every year we eat 8 kilos of cow meat per person.

Margins under pressure
‘Due to the catering industry closures that took effect this year, not only will the figures change, but probably also the supply of meat. Luxury cuts of meat no longer find their way to the catering market, which puts margins under pressure in the chain as a whole. That may have an effect on not the demand for meat, but the supply (less) and the price of meat (more expensive) ‘, analyzes specialist medium. Foodlog. Converted to kilos actually eaten, the Dutch ate just under 40 kilos of meat in 2019. In 2020, many food marketers are responding to the growing demand for vegetable alternatives to meat, which leads to a greater supply.
(PvWK, sources: and Foodlog, statue: Unsplash)

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