Nanogate: The shareholders will probably remain the losers

For a long time it was quiet around Nanogate and the ongoing insolvency proceedings in self-administration, but on Friday the company reported with news. A structured, competitive process to attract an investor is being carried out in parallel with the ongoing insolvency proceedings in self-administration, said Nanogate in the afternoon. The aim is for the investor to participate in the targeted restructuring of the group. The company probably has various offers for this. “The interested parties are domestic and foreign strategic investors and investment companies. All expressions of interest provide for the group’s core business to be retained, ”reported the Saarlanders.

However, it is still unclear how such a process could take place. Two procedures are under discussion: On the one hand, a capital cut followed by a capital increase, in which only the investors should be entitled to subscribe. Nanogate already warns that this would massively dilute existing shareholders. On the other hand, investors are interested in the acquisition of significant investments and assets from Nanogate SE and a corresponding separation from the Nanogate Group. In this case, the rest of the company’s operational activities would probably also be sold and the proceeds would primarily satisfy the creditors. “After this, Nanogate SE would ultimately be left behind as a company without any operating business,” said the company.

The current shareholders would be anything but the big winners in either variant. That seems to have meanwhile also reached the stock exchange: After Nanogate’s share price was initially gambled up from EUR 0.43 to EUR 0.62 as a result of the report, the share price is now back at EUR 0.42 and thus at the starting level.

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