FYI Resources: Test run of the HPA pilot plant hits expectations again

Also the third pilot plant trial by FYI Resources Ltd (ASX: FYI; FRA: SDL) was apparently again a complete success. The operational efficiency of the pilot plant appears to continue to exceed expectations.

The focus was on improvements to the flow diagram and material handling with regard to possible technical and economic improvements to the process flow diagram. FYI also indicates that the product quality could possibly also be increased again. Final tests in a special laboratory in the USA are expected in the coming week.

The tests also served to better meet the specifications required by certain end users in both the LED and battery markets. From the customer’s point of view, purity is a key criterion for the HPA product requirement, but other critical criteria are the crystal size, the crystal surface and the specific weight as well as certain tolerances for harmful material residues.

Roland Hill, Managing Director of FYI, commented on the trial at the pilot plant: “The trial was the sum of the process improvements found in previous pilots. Our goal was to align the final HPA product with the specifications made by several While the analysis is pending, I believe that after observing the final product, we have achieved our goal and these tests will fuel discussions with potential buyers and other stakeholders, including financiers.

Regardless of the positive interim results, the price of FYI Resources has recently corrected significantly. The stock closed at A $ 0.14 this morning. That’s a halving from the high four weeks ago when FYI hit a tentative high of A $ 0.28. The company is planning its general meeting on November 2nd. The JV process with Alcoa continues unchanged.

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