FuelCell Energy Stock: Is The Breakout Coming Up Now? – Chart analysis

The FuelCell Energy share is getting more and more exciting in terms of charts: After the share price of the fuel cell group from the USA has confirmed a support zone at 2.10 / 2.12 euros on NASDAQ for two days in a row, the trend could turn upwards. Yesterday, the FuelCell Energy share already managed to go out of trading at $ 2.26 after a daily high of $ 2.28, well above the daily low of $ 2.10. Today the trend in the US pre-exchange continues upwards, currently the indication for the share price of FuelCell Energy is at 2.31 dollars.

Various technical chart hurdles are immediately targeted: the 20-day line is at $ 2.29, the 200-day line is at $ 2.31. These are encased by a resistance range between $ 2.27 and $ 2.35, the core hurdle should be the mark at $ 2.31. After the price drop of 2.75 dollars in the last few days to yesterday’s low, a jump over this hurdle zone would be a technical buy signal for the FuelCell Energy share, which could also bring about a short-term change in trend. The next trading hurdles in this scenario would be at $ 2.44 / $ 2.47 and above $ 2.57. If the breakout does not occur, however, the pressure on the various technical supports between 2.10 / 2.12 dollars and 2.02 / 2.05 dollars could increase significantly.


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