End of the year on the gold market

There are still about two months to the end of the year. The chances of a final spurt on the stock markets are not that bad.

Various industry experts have already given their opinion on the gold price at the end of the year. For example, Chris Vermeulen, market strategist at Technical Traders, sees the gold price at $ 2,300 an ounce at the end of 2020. He gives the gold stocks even more potential. In his opinion, the best-known ETF, the VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF, will still have around 60 percent upside space in the next few months.

One reason for this is the downward trend in the US dollar. Gold stocks seem priced too cheaply. Not much is moving here yet. But if the market suddenly jumps in terms of gold stocks, then those who are already invested should be happy. The third quarter should be particularly good for the many gold companies.

This year is a special, unprecedented year. After a phenomenal decline, the stock markets began to recover that had never been seen before. And from a historical perspective, the fourth quarter is usually a good one. If you look at the last 32 years, there has only been four negative price developments. In particular, investors or fund managers who were not yet so involved in the rally that took place could reflect and invest at the end of the year. This in turn would boost the price of gold and, above all, the equity values ​​of gold companies.

While there is no guarantee that it will, investing in solid gold companies should always be a good idea. Think of Fiore Gold or Mawson Gold, for example.

Fiore gold – Owns the Nevada Pan Mine, which is already in production, and the nearby Gold Rock property (feasibility study in progress) and the Golden Eagle project (located in Ferry County, Washington)

Mawson Gold – – is on the road in Finland with the Rajapalot gold-cobalt project and in Australia on the Mount Isa area. Gold areas in the Australian Victorian Goldfields have been added.

Current company information and press releases from Fiore Gold (- -) and Mawson Gold (- -).

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