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It cannot be said enough, the potential of blockchain is so immense that it would be impossible at this time to set a limit on the applications that result from it. With cryptocurrency, technology has just been associated with an initiative in the field of sports, more specifically football. While it is not yet a direct in-game application, it will bring fans closer to their favorite players. The identity of the soccer star in question here is none other than Keisuke Honda. The Japanese player passed notably by AC Milan decided to launch your own cryptocurrency to boost fan engagement. Explanations.

KSK Honda Coin to interact with fans

Former Japanese international currently playing for Botafogo in Brazil, Keisuke Honda decided to get closer to his fans. He launched his own cryptocurrency for this, the KSK Honda Coin, to establish these new connections. The launch was carried out on the platform of blockchain. Dedicated to the creation of video content and game applications, the platform will serve as a meeting point between the football star and his fans. To get in touch with their idol, fans will just have to get the KSK Honda Coin.

Any holder of the token will also have right to exclusive content about the player whether it is about his sports performances or his ordinary life. Interviews with Keisuke Honda will be done via private channels on Discord. The initiative mainly targets to reward the player’s most loyal fans looking for information on his daily life. However, the player and his staff have guaranteed full transparency regarding access to your token to give everyone the same opportunity. So there will be no difficulty in knowing who owns the KSK Honda Coin in the fan community.

The football world takes interest in crypto

Another initiative had already brought football and crypto space together in the same project. Again, the purpose of using the blockchain was to connect the stars of the discipline with their fans. The fruit resulting from this meeting made it possible to develop digital cards from different players that can be collected, traded or even sold. The initiative that was developed on the gaming platform Sorare had allowed put up for auction a Cristiano Ronaldo crypto card for more than $ 10,000.

The K-League (the South Korean Football League) had also partnered with Sorare for bring your championship to the blockchain and allow more people to take an interest in players in your league. Last September, the Italian professional sports club SS Lazio signed a multi-year agreement with the commerce platform StormGain. The deal offered fans new options for engagement in the daily life of the club through blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

With social media currently being one of the few platforms in existence for interacting with fans, Keisuke Honda’s initiative could very quickly catch on with his colleagues. In any case, between Sorare and now this, the sport has not finished benefiting from initiatives in the ecosystem!


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