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Venture Bloomberg vs. Thiel – two US billionaires dominate the German fintech scene

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (left) and PayPal founder Peter Thielimago

They are among the richest people in their country and are politically active – but then it ends with the obvious similarities between Michael Bloomberg and Peter Thiel. Above all, their attitude towards US President Donald Trump could hardly be more different.

Bloomberg – with assets of US $ 55 billion – founded the finance company of the same name and wanted to run for the Democrats in the presidential election. He considers incumbent Trump to be a pawn catcher. Thiel, of German descent – worth 2.6 billion dollars – helped build the payment service provider PayPal and was one of the first Facebook investors. He is a Trump supporter, one of the few in the tech world. In the current election campaign, he wants to hold back.

A little known fact: you both believe in fintech start-ups. With their respective funds, they are involved in six of the most important financial start-ups in German-speaking countries, and in some cases the two have also invested together.

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