Swiss real estate market records growing vacancy rate – almost 80,000 uninhabited apartments

The Swiss real estate market will continue a ten-year trend in 2020. The vacancy rate of real estate has been increasing annually for some time, so that it is now just under
80,000 vacant apartments are offered on the Swiss market.

Increasing vacancy rates in Switzerland

The situation on the real estate market is getting worse all over the world, so that the housing market is under steadily increasing tension, especially in major European cities.
However, another phenomenon can be seen in Switzerland, as recently made known by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

According to this, a total of 78,832 apartments in Switzerland were vacant on June 1, 2020. This corresponds to 1.72 percent of the total Swiss housing stock. That year stayed
According to the study, 4.6 percent more apartments are unoccupied than in 2019, an increase of 3,449 apartments.

This confirms a trend that began ten years ago in Switzerland.

The largest vacancy rate is in the canton of Bern

The vacancy rate increased above all in the Ticino and Lake Geneva regions, where 0.42 and 0.21 percent more apartments are vacant compared to 2019.

Broken down into the cantons, most of the apartments in the canton of Solothurm are vacant (3.22 percent), followed by Ticino with 2.71 percent and Aargau
and Jura with 2.65 and 2.25 percent. At the other end of the statistics are the cantons of Geneva (0.49 percent), Zug (0.70 percent), Zurich (0.91 percent) and Obwalden (0.92 percent)
Percent) and Basel-Stadt (0.96 percent).

With a total of 10,678 empty apartments, the canton of Bern has the most unoccupied properties in absolute terms, while Graub√ľnden and Schaffhausen have the
The vacancy rate has decreased by 480 and 218 – the strongest decreases in Switzerland as a whole.

The vacancy rate increased accordingly in 15 cantons, whereas the housing stock decreased in 11 cantons.

Fewer single-family houses

66,320 of the vacant rental apartments were offered for rent on the market on the key date for the data collection, an increase of 3,452 apartments or 5.5 percent
compared to 2019. Meanwhile, 12,512 apartments were offered for sale, a constant value compared to the previous year.

Contrary to this trend, however, fewer new apartments and single-family homes were advertised for sale or rent as of June 1, 2020. There were 7,311 single-family homes
286 fewer properties than in the previous year, which corresponds to a decrease of around 3.8 percent.

The number of newly built apartments on offer has fallen by 8.1 percent; here the vacancy rate has decreased by 819 apartments to 9,327 properties.

In view of the growing vacancy rate, small apartments in particular – up to four rooms – are increasingly vacant. Only in the category of 5-room apartments has the vacancy rate decreased.

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