Millions of orange peels are given a second life at Jumbo

Due to the new method, announced via a humorous ‘press release’ (see below), the number of kilos of orange peels collected by Jumbo together Renewi grows to about 10 million per year. In 2019 this was still about 5.5 million kilograms. After collection, the orange peels are processed into new ingredients by PeelPioneers, market leader in circular solutions for citrus residual flows. Up to 50 percent of the orange peels that PeelPioneers processes in total come from Jumbo. Recently, Jumbo and PeelPioneers have also made efforts to process the peels into ingredients for a new line of Jumbo private label cleaning products. These are available under the name “van Schil tot Schoon” from the beginning of November. The peels are also converted into candied orange peel, which is used as an ingredient for the orange-chocolate muffins from our own bakery.

Rightly a ‘press release’ from Jumbo

Jumbo has started central collection through the Jumbo distribution centers. This not only means that more peels are collected, but also CO2 is saved because trips to the shops to pick up peels are no longer necessary. After customers have tapped a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice in the store, the peels are collected separately. These are collected via Jumbo’s regular packaging collection and taken to the distribution centers. Extra pick-up times in the store are therefore unnecessary. At four distribution centers, the skins are sorted into special boxes and Renewi delivers them for processing at its own location in Son, where PeelPioneers is located with its innovative product location. PeelPioneers extracts ingredients from the oranges, which Jumbo in turn uses in its own products.

Less waste, more value
‘This is a significant waste stream,’ says Karel de Jong, Supply Chain Director of Jumbo Supermarkten. ‘In 2019 alone, we collected 5.5 million kilograms of orange peel in approximately 300 Jumbo stores. Thanks to adjustments in our logistics chain and close cooperation with Renewi and PeelPioneers, we can now expand to more than 600 stores. This is estimated to double the number of kilos of orange peel. In this way we ensure that we produce less waste and reduce the number of kilometers. ‘

Central collection
Central collection has started for the stores linked to the Jumbo distribution center in Beilen. All stores are expected to be connected to this new method by the first quarter of 2021. ‘We are proud of this collaboration with Jumbo and PeelPioneers’, says Hans Semler, commercial manager Renewi Organics. ‘Renewi is constantly looking for collaborative relationships that can bring sustainability and circularity to a higher level. Our mission is to create a world where we no longer waste and waste no longer exists. It is nice to see that this collaboration is yielding concrete results. This is in line with our vision on ‘Waste no More’ and is in line with the aim to take the lead in producing raw materials from waste flows. ‘

The circular plan in an infographic

Own brand products from our own peelings
The collaboration between Jumbo and PeelPioneers dates back to 2017, when the innovations of the Brabant start-up drew attention in the stimulation project ‘FritsStarter’ by Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd. PeelPioneers, “the peel farmer of the 21st century”, has developed a technology to turn citrus residues into ingredients that can be used for the production of cleaning and food products, among other things. Bas van Wieringen, co-founder of PeelPioneers: ‘Jumbo has believed in our company from the very beginning and the cooperation has continued to expand in recent years. Jumbo now also develops products from its own peelings, which has come full circle. We see this as the crowning glory of our work ‘.

Under the name “van Schil tot Schoon”, Jumbo is now introducing its own brand line of cleaning products made from the essential oil from orange peels. From November 9, 2020, “Peel to Clean” Dishwashing Liquid (500 ml) and “Peel to Clean” All-Purpose Cleaner (750 ml) will be available in all stores and via This line will be further expanded in 2021. The packaging of the products is made from 100% recycled material.

Value of waste
By significantly scaling up the collection and recycling of orange peels, Jumbo is taking a new step in valuing waste flows. In September, the family business introduced the “Bread of Bread” concept, a method of baking new, fresh bread from return bread. Since 2019, the Jumbo stores also have a so-called ‘Less Waste Together’ shelf with products that have almost expired, the retailer proudly reports. By offering these products at a discount, the share of “over-the-date” waste in the Jumbo stores has now decreased by more than 20%. In addition, Jumbo is committed to carefully selecting various types of packaging material, from cardboard to plastic foil, and having it processed into new raw material for the packaging industry. ‘


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