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Equatorial Guinea: National Bank opens business center in Malabo

The National Bank of Equatorial Guinea (BANGE) has inaugurated its Business and Training Center whose mission is mainly to strengthen the skills of economic actors, particularly those in the financial sector.

Called “BANGE Business School”, the National Bank’s training center located in Malabo, the capital, operational since October 22, 2020, aims to support investors as creators of wealth. Among other assigned objectives, ensure education and training of human resources for the proper conduct of business, which justifies the technical support of the CEF-UDIMA Educational Group.

As a main actor in the economic context of Equatorial Guinea, BANGE has the responsibility of bringing the business world closer to forms of management and organization allowing to endow the country with a solid business fabric and competitive that meets the needs of the national economy in a globalized world.

For the chairman of the board of directors of BANGE, Martín Crisanto Ebe Mba, “it is important to underline the important work that the BANGE Business School will carry out in the training of future professionals, offering specialized training programs to young people with or without professional experience, with the aim of fostering the development of personal capacities, promoting teamwork and improving the capacity for personal integration ”.

The idea with the BANGE Business School is to develop specialized academic training programs with concrete offers with a technical / practical orientation and to bring them closer to the production sector with a simpler language and oriented towards concrete solutions, underlines t -on on the official government website.


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