Commerzbank share: price rally to EUR 7.20? Goldman Sachs believes in it!

Two new analysts’ opinions on the Commerzbank share – and the results of the experts on the MDAX-listed bank share are very different. The stock analysts at Goldman Sachs have raised their target price for Commerzbank shares from EUR 5.60 to EUR 7.20. In the meantime, significant upside potential is expected for the financial stock, which started the weekend at EUR 4.574 (+ 3.11 percent) on Friday. Nevertheless, it is only sufficient for the classification to be “neutral”. The new price target is based on a premium for a possible takeover, Goldman Sachs sees Commerzbank as a possible takeover candidate.

UBS’s assessment of Commerzbank shares is completely different: they stick to the sell recommendation with a price target of EUR 4.60, which is roughly the same as the current share price. No exciting new findings are expected from the financial services provider’s upcoming quarterly figures – this also applies to the restructuring process at Commerzbank.

At a glance – chart and news: Commerzbank


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