column Toast to the ocean with Spijked Hard Seltzer

For years, brands have tried to contribute by putting sustainability high on the agenda. This also applies to the Bavaria family Swinkels. With the new drink Spijked & Hard Seltzer, they are committed to restoring the ocean. With seaweed!

The new big thing?
Especially in countries such as the US and Canada, Hard Seltzer is already a big hit and in the Netherlands it now seems to be gaining momentum: brands such as White Claw, Brewdog Clean & Fresh, Mike’s, Bozu, Stëlz and possibly Heineken’s brand Pure. Piraña are ready to conquer the Dutch market.
The interesting thing about this type of drink is that it is fresh, natural and slightly alcoholic and it contains little / no sugar. As a result, it has few calories and is seen by buyers as a better / healthier alternative to beer or wine.

Seaweed… mmmm
And now also Spijked &. In the flavors Lemon, Cherry, Wild Berries and… .Seaweed!
Do not get me wrong. I love sushi and that’s why I already have a weakness for seaweed. I once even entered a Lays competition for a new type of chips. My entry: the Nori flavored chips. But unfortunately, it became Lays Patatje Joppie. Significant choice. If I’m honest, I don’t come across products with seaweed enough. At least not in my regular supermarket round.

Attention to the ocean
The special thing about the introduction of Spijked & is the guts to introduce a relatively new drink type – at least here in the Netherlands – with seaweed as the central theme. What I really mean: are we all going to buy this new product en masse? I hope so. First of all, because I believe that a better world doesn’t really start with yourself, but with the companies that make products for us, the masses.
In my imagination, there has long been an Albert Heijn or a Jumbo where everyone can do their shopping without having to think about whether the packaging is environmentally friendly, whether there is no animal suffering attached to my burger and whether the ingredients contain unnatural junk. As a consumer, we only want one thing when shopping: buy tasty and affordable food.
I also hope so because a mission like “restoring the ocean” is a big one. And that only works if there are really many of us. For every can of Spijked & Hard Selzer, the Swinkels family promises to contribute to the development of a new piece of seaweed farms the size of 1A4.
So let’s count: for a seaweed farm of 1 ha, we all have to drink about 160,000 cans. We can do that!
Now even more hope that the can it comes in also contributes to the environment ????

Header photo: Silas Baisch via Unsplash


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