By hosting ATARI, the Metaverse The SandBox foreshadows the explosion of NFTs – Cryptocurrencies

Far from the strong media coverage of DeFi and the performance of Bitcoin (BTC), non-fungible tokens (NFT) are slowly making their way. In this year 2020, they have been successful in the market with constantly increasing sales. In this lot, The Sandbox will have marked the spirits with sales sessions of virtual plots in its metaverse for hundreds of thousands of dollars in ETH. The gaming platform thus recorded a record sale of two LANDS for 210 ETH. In the wake of this performance, The sandbox has just announced the construction of a theme park dedicated to Atari games to further boost sales.


A space dedicated to game creation for the Atari fan community

The partnership between the two entities should lead to the granting of digital spaces for the benefit of Atari in the Sandbox metaverse. Estates as they are called will be used to set up voxelized 3D versions of classic and most popular Atari game creations. Game providers then plan to develop around this space game assets (NFT) inspired by the universe ofAtari. More specifically, the partner of Sandbox will be entitled to a virtual universe totally dedicated to its games, a bit like a theme park.

ATARI and THE sandbox

This includes the ability to interact with other users who are members of the same community like what already offers The Sandbox. The different tokens of the two partners, namely the SAND and ATRI will of course be usable in this dedicated space once the launch is effective. Fred chesnais, CEO ofAtari, said it made sense for Atari to participate in the imaginative experiment of The Sandbox. For the executive, this only reinforces his company’s involvement in entertainment powered by blockchains and NFTs. This is good, since the ultimate goal of The Sandbox is of to establish itself in this market by welcoming as many people as possible.

A record sale and a series of partnerships

Cloudco Entertainment, Square Enix, Shaun the Sheep and Rollercoaster Tycoon World are all entertainment structures that have decided to partner with The Sandbox. They have thus contributed to making its metaverse a universe where users from various horizons interact with new multiplayer experiences. This space ended up becoming the fifth largest seller of NFT in terms of trade volume, according to current data from

The figures show that The Sandbox saw a total of 42,420 sales valued at over $ 2.2 million. As a reminder, the assets created by the participants can also be sold on the platform market for the utility token, namely the SAND. The record sale of two properties for 210 ETH or a value of 76,000 dollars is the perfect illustration of successful sales on The Sandbox.


A prominent figure in the explosion of NFTs in the market, The Sandbox will however have to find the ideal formula so as not to lose the interest of its audience like Decentraland.


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