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Building with wood can be good for the climate

The Technical Town Hall in Freiburg was also built using wood. Photo: HG Esch

In terms of manufacture, a wooden house is more environmentally friendly than a building made of concrete. They are similar in price. But unlike wood, concrete can be used over and over again. One thing is clear: if you build sustainably, you can finance at more favorable terms.

Stuttgart – At the beginning there is the question of space: “First of all I would think about how much space I need now and how much space later, when the children are out of the house,” says Sylvia Pilarsky-Grosch. For the state manager of BUND (Federation for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany), the size of a house is an important factor when she thinks about the sustainability of buildings – and also the flexibility that goes with it. “Then you can perhaps set up a second apartment in it later” – a decision that should be made before construction begins: “You then have to think about the water connections or the design of the staircase.”


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