BioNTech share: This important brand has held – is there new speculation now? – Chart analysis

On the NASDAQ, the BioNTech share fell yesterday by 1.55 percent to $ 86.36 on the basis of the closing price. But in terms of chart technology, this was of little importance for the biotech share. The day before was the share certificate of the company from Mainz, which is working with Pfizer on a vaccine (BNT162) against the pathogen of the rampant COVID-10 pandemic and is about to complete the clinical trial with BNT162, dropped to $ 85.67. Yesterday the daily low was $ 85.42. On both days the technical chart support zone at 85.05 / 85.50 dollars was able to cushion the downward movement – we had pointed to this area several times in our 4investors chart checks for BioNTech shares.

In terms of the chart, the situation for the biotech share remains as last outlined. There was no further news from the Mainz team on Friday morning. In the coming days and weeks, the share will be heavily influenced by the news about the corona vaccine program. Everything goes well, BioNTech and Pfizer plan to apply for US emergency approval for BNT162 in the third week of November.

Here again the most important technical chart data for the BioNTech share:

After the recent upward movement from $ 54.10 on Monday to $ 97.29, the price losses of the past few days have so far developed nothing more than the character of a consolidation. While 85.05 / 85.50 dollars as well as the zone between 79.38 / 80.70 dollars and 81.56 dollars remain the next technical support for the BioNTech stock, lie between 90.05 / 90.42 dollars and 91.55 / $ 92.94 the next technical barriers to the biotech stock. Breaks in the areas represent procyclical trade signals for BioNTechs shares.


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