Barbie dolls in demand like seldom: shares are growing strongly

Barbie dolls are in demand like rarely. This brings a strong increase in sales to the US toy manufacturer Mattel. The share also rose strongly.

They embody a questionable ideal of beauty, but the demand for Barbie dolls is unbroken. On the contrary: In the third quarter it was so strong that the dolls helped the US toy manufacturer Mattel to make a big leap in profits.

The bottom line is that Hasbro’s rival earned $ 316 million in the three months to the end of September, 348 percent more than a year ago. In addition to the Barbie boom, this is also thanks to strong sales of the “Hot Wheels” toy cars.

Revenues grew, driven by high demand for dolls and toy cars, by around ten percent to 1.6 billion dollars, as the company announced on Thursday after the US market closed. The quarterly figures far exceeded market expectations, with the share temporarily increasing by over ten percent in the post-trading period.


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