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Pfizer – pharmaceutical giant with roots in Ludwigsburg

Almond flavor. The pastry chef Karl Erhard was very familiar with this. He had baked a lot of pies and cakes in his home town of Ludwigsburg. But adding the baking ingredient to a bitter, unloved medicine and selling it in the form of a toffee – the young man came up with this ingenious idea in Brooklyn / New York in 1850.

That was where he and his relative Karl Pfizer ended up. The two were among the many thousands of emigrants from Germany who moved to the “New World” after 1848, whether out of a thirst for adventure or frustration with the political situation in their home country, cannot be fathomed in the archives. Two young men in their mid-twenties, one a trained chemist and businessman, the other a trained pastry chef. So are


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