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Victims of their own success, AntMiner’s recent “Bitcoin Mining War Machines”, the S19 and S19PRO, are now complicated to acquire, except to join endless waiting lists.

In keeping with its usual approach, however, Bitmain was quick to bring a solid Plan B to the market to meet growing demand. This one was recently unveiled and is called the T19. This New Bitcoin Miner Has Features That Make It A Great Alternative to his famous big brothers, with barely less power and for a much milder price.

Today we are looking at Q19, even as the current rise in Bitcoin prices puts individual profitability in BTC mining back at the heart of the equation.

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

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The last bitcoin miners

Except being part of a tiny fraction of knowledgeable people – if you are reading this you are one of them congratulationsmining Bitcoin for an individual is already almost an impossible task.

Indeed, if an ever-growing population is discovering Bitcoin every day (on the occasion of the massive investments that more and more major economic players are making, or because of the intrinsic qualities of Bitcoin which are gradually imposed), this same population will inevitably be faced with a bitter observation: not only will Bitcoin seemingly seem “too” expensive, but more serious, its mining will appear inaccessible to ordinary people.

Indeed, it is difficult not to agree, 10 years after its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin might seem to have strayed from its original vocation, that of making censorship-free, transparent and genuinely democratic currency available to as many people as possible. But let’s be clear: even though the high price of Bitcoin (around $ 13,000 at the time of writing) makes this perception counterintuitive, Bitcoin is still perfectly accessible today, without any barrier to entry. Indeed, no need to own an entire Bitcoin to be an integral part of the Bitcoin Revolution. With its 8 decimal places and its 100 million satoshi per BTC, anyone is invited to embark on the adventure, even with modest means!

The bitcoin mining on the other hand, it is not governed by the same dynamics and the industry has now been the scene of a fierce struggle for several years. This hushed war rages on between economic giants who have fully understood that the Bitcoin mining industry is of highly strategic importance for the future – and that of course the operation could prove to be particularly lucrative. It should be noted in passing that if the activity was until recently reserved for specialized entities (we obviously think of Chinese Bitmain which we will talk about in a moment), more traditional economic players are now flocking to the gates of this new Eldorado.

In short, while the buying and holding of Bitcoin is still as accessible as ever, the BTC mining sector is tending to become the preserve of powerful players with economic means beyond the reach of a private individual.

It will be recalled that to mine Bitcoin is to be able to align colossal IT resources, able to overcome complex cryptographic problems, all asking to large amount of electrical energy, all in a dedicated environment (understand: as cool as possible, and if possible soundproofed).

However, these different parameters are particularly complex to bring together for an individual. So, in order to fight against these headwinds, there are no miracle solutions: We must remain attentive to the latest technological innovations in Bitcoin mining equipment, but also select the best offers and partners to be profitable. As such, I have double good news for you:

  • There’s a new sheriff in town with the release of the Antminer T19 from Bitmain, a machine with a very interesting price / power ratio
  • The Antminer T19 is now available from the French company Feel Mining which offers operate it on a professional mining farm, and even to match it with a large warranty extension in order to mine for a long time and serenely!

Asic T19 Antminer, the little brother of the S19 at Feel Mining

If in the ears of the Bitcoin enthusiast (and more precisely of his mining therefore), the term “Asic”And the brand Antminer are particularly familiar, is that Chinese society Bitmain has been a leader in the sector for years. The miners’ calendar is thus punctuated by the regular release of new generations of machines, which always attempt to resolve the complex power / energy expenditure equation a little further.

The cost issue is also taken into account. Indeed, a new generation Bitcoin Asic miner is the result of colossal investment in R&D, in a complex environment, not really known for its stability. So, if the release of a new Antminer systematically creates the event, the cost of the new champions is just as systematically a source for their lucky buyers of stomach cramps and apothecary stones in the quest for l‘Essential profitability.


Perfectly aware of the phenomenon, Bitmain has put in place in recent years a well-established dynamic: unveiling of its new generation of miners, followed a few months later by versions barely less powerful, but significantly cheaper.

Bitmain did this two years ago with the Antminer T17 announced a few months after S17. Rebelote in 2020: after the launch of the S19 and S19PRO, which we have already discussed, here is now the arrival of the Asic Antminer T19 which, if it adopts the standards of its generation, has the good taste to present a much softer pricing!

Characteristics of Asic Antminer T19

Available for purchase on the site of Feel Mining, the Asic Antminer T19 has characteristics quite similar to its predecessor the S19.

  • SHA-256 algorithm, that of Bitcoin of course but also of most of its forks (like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for example).
  • 84 Th / sec (against 95Th / s for the S19). It will be recalled that this is the gross computing power of the machines, expressed in TeraHash per second.
  • Power consumption : 3150 Kw / h (against 3250 for the S19).

Antminer T19 price

Bitmain’s Antminer T19 is offered by Feel Mining at a price of 1495 euros HT. That’s 315 euros less than the S19. To this pricing, we will add the cost of accommodation on one of Feel Mining’s international sites, and a possible extension of warranty (see a little below).

Antminer T19

Hosting and warranty extension

We saw it previously, the energy cost is a central parameter in the Bitcoin mining equation and there are no 50 ways to break the news: except to have free energy somehow (please put those alligator clips down) and stop turning around this electric transformer), it is impossible to “run” a Bitcoin miner in a French context profitably. Let’s be clear: nothing and no one will prevent you from doing it, just the satoshis mined in the operation will not cover your costs, it’s that simple.

It is for this reason that Feel Mining offers to host and operate for you your bitcoin miners, on one of the international sites on which the company operates. When ordering, you will have the choice between the Canada and the Siberia, to host your precious material. Note in passing that if the price of Siberian electricity is more interesting (0.05 euros / Kw / h against 0.055 for Canada), the installation time of your equipment will be a little longer.

Canada and Siberia, Feel Mining hosting sites

In addition, know that the Asics Antminer are guaranteed for 6 months by Bitmain. Feel Mining now offers you an additional 18-month warranty extension. You will thus benefit from 2 years of peace of mind, free from any technical problem or other machine failure.

Antminer warranty extension

And profitability?

Nothing better than a simulation via the reference site Coinwarz to answer the thorny question of calculating profitability.

By the way, this is the perfect time to remind people that past performances do not bode well for the future and that the price of Bitcoin is particularly fluctuating. In other words, a profitability simulation is a delicate exercise and should only be seen as one piece of information among others in making your choice.

The simulation takes into account the following parameters:

  • the purchase of a Antminer T19
  • Its hosting on the site Canadian (cost of electricity of 0.055 euros Kw / h)
  • for a total of $ 2,317 tax incl. (1954 euros)
  • A Bitcoin price of 13,000 dollars

Based on these parameters, operating an Antminer T19 will earn you 0.01584390 BTC each month.

To remember

The new T19 embodies the new entry-level Antminer Bitmain. For a low price, this Bitcoin miner lets you dive deep into the deep end. However, to ensure you have the best possible profitability, it is essential to have associated services, like those offered by Feel Mining, in order to guarantee you maximum BTC production for as long as possible.

Finally, this is a good opportunity to remind everyone that beyond T19, the entire Antminer range is now offered with price reductions in the Feel Mining store!

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