Man and machine: prospects seem to be priced into the stock

The analysts at SMC Research have slightly increased their price target for the shares of Mensch und Maschine. With a new target of 52.30 euros – 10 cents more than before – the software title still does not see any upside potential. On the stock exchange, the human and machine share is quoted on Thursday afternoon at 55.40 euros at an unchanged price level. There is a “hold” for the value from SMC Research. Profits of 1.12 euros and 1.30 euros and 1.52 euros per human and machine share are forecast for the years 2020 to 2022, and the dividend should go from 1.02 euros to 1.15 euros to 1.30 euros per share climb.

The company has good prospects, according to the SMC analysts after the record numbers of people and machines. But the prospects are already reflected in the share price, it is said.

Yesterday, Mensch und Maschine Software reported new record figures for the nine-month period. In the first nine months of 2020, the m: access-listed software company from Wessling near Munich was able to exceed the previous year’s records for profit and cash flow. Mensch und Maschinen reports an increase in sales from 174.3 million euros to 180.6 million euros. The system house company provided impetus for growth, while software sales rose only slightly.

Before interest and taxes (EBIT), Mensch und Maschine shows an increase in profit from 18.2 million euros to 21.7 million euros. Here, too, growth in the system house business exceeded the growth in EBIT in the software division. The bottom line was that the southern Germans were able to expand their nine-month profit from 11 million euros to 12.6 million euros. The nine-month surplus per share of man and machine climbed from 65.6 cents to 75.3 cents. The software company reported an increase in operating cash flow from EUR 21.4 million to EUR 32.7 million.

Man and Machine CEO Adi Drotleff expects “a strong Q4 with earnings roughly at the previous year’s record level, so that for 2020 with a new record profit in the range of 107-118 cents per share (previous year 99) and a dividend of 100- 105 cents can be expected after 85 cents in the previous year ”, announced Drotleff. “We are pleased that the cash flow is already approaching the 2 euro mark and thus shows where we want to drive the net profit per share in the medium term, namely from 2021 in steps of + 18-24 cents per year,” said the Manager continues.

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