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An NFT Batman sells for $ 200,000

DeFi and NFT are the 2 sectors to watch at the moment – even if the DeFi is not at its best at the moment.

With NFT tokens believed to have a growth potential of 10,000%, no wonder this crypto-drizzled Batman sold for $ 200,000 at such a price, I would have bought the real Batmobile instead.

Millionaire Bruce Wayne owns Ethers

Whoever deep inside us, we are only judged by our actionsBatman beginsi was just thinking i couldn’t write this article without including this quote.

A set of works on Batman would have been sold on the NFT MakersPlace platform for an amount of 540.86 Ethers (ETH), or approximately $ 200,000.

The creators are the designer of DC Comics, Jose delbo and the crypto-artist, Trevor Jones. The collection consisted of 5 pieces which are animations or PNG format files of the film ” The dark knight “.

The works are public and are therefore visible to all Internet users who can make a copy and keep it on their hard drive. However, the tokens that represent property rights are unique and cannot be duplicated.

Cryptocurrency auctions

A few limited edition pieces had sold for a much lower price before the biggest sales of several thousand dollars were closed.

The biggest buyer is an anonymous collector by the name of ” Maxstealth Which is believed to own other valuable crypto artwork as well.

He reportedly spent $ 55,291 for an animation that guides the viewer through the illustrations of Trevor Jones.

Maxstealth then allegedly spent $ 111,377 in an auction against “Phillector”.

The 2 artists expressed their gratitude to all the buyers on Twitter.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

As Superman is far stronger than Batman so a Superman would be worth 10 times as much no – I hear the bat fans moan and release their Kryptonite ? Will all works of art necessarily go through this tokenization, which is supposed to improve the protection of copyright and property rights? What is heavier? Traditional financial markets or those for works of art? Bitcoin (BTC) is arguably the most expensive piece of art in the world, a masterpiece by Satoshi Nakamoto not understood by most people today, and probably not fully understood tomorrow.


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