Netflix share: now it’s getting exciting! – Chart analysis

A brief technical look at the Netflix share, which today posted a slight premium on the US stock exchange. Currently the indication for the share certificate of the film and series streaming service from the USA is at 487 dollars, after yesterday it went from trading on the NASDAQ at 485.23 dollars. Although this is not exactly a big jump in price, this smaller upward movement is also of interest from a chart-technical perspective. This is due to various support zones that the Netflix share has reached after the recent price losses of $ 572.49 to yesterday’s low of $ 482.00.

The upper of various support zones is found between $ 474/477 and $ 482/486. There are currently signs that Netflix’s share price could bounce off this mark. If the stock can successfully move up from the zone a little further than before, this technical chart scenario becomes more concrete. But be careful: the next technical chart hurdles can be found at $ 501/507. The zone results, among other things, from the downward gap opened the day before yesterday at 506.85 / 522.26 dollars, the upper limit of which now appears to be the core hurdle within this level. The EMA50 can also be found in this area. A jump over the zone could bring the Netflix share short-term technical impulses.

If, on the other hand, the paper fails with the attempted breakout, the pressure on the supports between $ 474/477 and $ 482/486 could grow strongly. Selling signals at this brand could then put nearby supports under pressure.


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