Daimler: Back on track

At Daimler, car sales fell in the third quarter by almost 8 percent to 772,703 units. Sales fell by almost 7 percent to 40.281 billion euros. The EBIT increases by 14.1 percent to 3.1 billion euros. Net profit will increase from 1.7 billion euros to 2.0 billion euros. This results in an increase of EUR 1.92 per share (previous year: EUR 1.61).

The analysts at Nord LB continue to rate Daimler’s shares as “hold”. The price target increases from EUR 45.00 to EUR 47.00.

With the figures for the third quarter, Daimler has found its way back to profit after the second quarter was bad. For the year as a whole, the analysts expect a profit at the previous year’s level, with Daimler earning 2.24 euros per share (previous year: 2.22 euros).

The analysts consider cooperations, alliances and also mergers in the industry in the coming quarters to be quite likely. Who will then do something with whom is still unclear.

The shares of Daimler gain 1.5 percent in the afternoon to 48.615 euros.


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