ColumnTesla – symbol for the new era on the stock market

Customers marvel at Tesla's Model 3
Customers marvel at Tesla’s Model 3dpa

The favorite brokers of young people in the USA or Europe spit out the list of mostly traded underlyings every month. In Germany, brokers with an older and more experienced audience on the stock market usually still have well-known names such as Allianz, Telekom or Daimler. Stocks that are undoubtedly highly liquid and seem reasonably predictable in their business model. With online brokers, however, it looks different.

Zoom, Tesla, Beyond Meat, Nel Asa or Nikola are right at the top of the favorite lists of active traders. As is so often the case, the big trends come from the USA. Because where there is movement, there is pleasure in trading. The stock exchange traders call this volatility and this is only given to a limited extent at the telecommunications companies, BASF and Allianz of this world.

In the new stock exchange era, younger investors in particular are looking less for supposed stability than for the story that a company knows how to tell. Especially in times of corona, Home24, Westwing, Zoom, Shop Apotheke, Delivery, Amazon or Netflix deliver stories that seem tempting. Strong brands are highly attractive and often also bring nice returns. Brands with dynamic development, mind you, which cannot always be found in the old economy.

For this reason, investors should look through their own portfolio this year on the stock exchange and ask the questions whether there are dynamic companies and stocks in the portfolio or whether one is holding onto the old idea of ​​a company that was once popular. The best examples are the titles from K + S and Thyssenkrupp, which are very well known among old hands. Both show disastrous price developments over the years and are truly unsexy stocks. A depot shouldn’t have too many of these supposed comeback hopes. But there are positive exceptions among the well-known stocks.

The extremely successful football teacher Otto Rehhagel used to say during his greatest triumph with the traditional 1.FC Kaiserslautern club that there were no old or young players, only good or bad ones. This wisdom applies to the stock market as well, but controlling the depot cadre is crucial. Zoom and SAP are equally good players, one young, one old measured in terms of stock market years. So there can be something good among the established – a look at the Deutsche Post chart speaks for itself.

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