All for One Group: A lot of confidence for future development

The margins at All for One Group have fallen from 8.0 percent to 5.5 percent in recent years. Some investors fear that the business model will prevent higher margins in the future. The Baader analysts have given the all-clear. They refer to a partnership between the company and SNP that was concluded in the summer. The market has apparently not yet fully taken these into account.

The partnership should result in a clear increase in sales and the operating result should rise disproportionately. However, the experts are initially withdrawing their estimates for 2020/2021. The pandemic is likely to affect current business, and that flows into the experts’ model accordingly.

The analysts see sales at 359.1 million euros (previously: 373.2 million euros). The estimate for earnings per share drops from EUR 3.04 to EUR 2.45. In the following financial year, the plus should then increase to 3.26 euros per share.

The analysts continue to give a buy recommendation for the shares of All for One. The price target is raised from EUR 61.00 to EUR 69.00.

The shares of All for One lose 0.4 percent in the afternoon to 51.80 euros.


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