US election These are the richest US politicians

The super-rich have always directed the fortunes of the United States while safeguarding their economic interests. It all started with founding father George Washington, who enslaved people on his plantation in Virginia and helped to protect this exploitation by law. Successor Thomas Jefferson also owed his wealth to slavery. Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were children of wealthy families. Donald Trump is believed to be the first billionaire to become President of the United States.

Politician and billionaire

It should be noted that you have to be able to afford life in the White House. It starts with the president and his family having to pay for their own meals and certainly not at self-catering prices. Again and again there are arguments about money and allegations of corruption and tax evasion. US President Donald Trump wanted to see the birth certificate of his predecessor Barack Obama, but has refused to publish his tax return for years.

These politicians are billionaires or these billionaires have held high political offices.


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