Sixt: Still without a forecast for 2020

In the third quarter, sales at Sixt fell by around 40 percent to 460 million euros. The analysts at DZ Bank had expected a decline to 490 million euros. In pre-tax profit there should be a minus of 55 percent to 66 million euros. Here the expert estimate was 40 million euros. In the year to date, Sixt has saved costs of 200 million euros. The goal for the year as a whole was 150 million euros. There is still no forecast for 2020, the uncertainties remain too high.

The analysts confirm the hold recommendation for the shares of Sixt. The price target remains at EUR 69.00.

For the current financial year, the experts forecast a loss per share of EUR 1.09 (old: EUR -1.34). In 2021 there should be earnings per share of EUR 3.31 (old: EUR 3.30). The dividend should be EUR 1.00 and EUR 2.15 respectively.

The PER 2021e stands at 21.6. Competitor Avis has a PER of 27.3.

Sixt shares gain 1.0 percent to 72.25 euros.


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