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PodcastLudwig Ensthaler: “Those who found a company now mean business”

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It was a bang for the German tech scene this year: in the midst of the biggest economic crisis in decades, three prominent people started a new fund that primarily invests in young software companies. The fund is called 468, and 170 million euros were raised in record time. The trio consists of the former Rocket Internet CEO Alexander Kudlich, Ludwig Ensthaler, who most recently invested in the USA for the Rocket investment arm Global Founders – and the series founder Florian Leibert.

For Ludwig Ensthaler, there could be no better timing for 468, Corona or not: “All the funds that were founded during the crisis were the best. It was always like that, ”he said in the podcast“ Die Stunden Null ”(listen in here). That also has to do with the founders in whom they are now investing. “Who is founding? In the past few years it was also chic to start-up – that’s not bad, but it has also resulted in some people starting up to start up, which is not the best motivation, ”said Ensthaler. “Anyone who is currently setting up a company is really serious, has an idea that he wants to pursue, despite all odds and will fight it through difficult cycles. The companies that emerge in times of crisis are more resilient, driven by the cause and the idea. “

Ensthaler sees a shift in the German start-up scene in the focus of his early-phase fund on software and automation: “In the past ten years, start-ups have been Berlin. Berlin is good at building consumer start-ups like Hellofresh, Delivery Hero or Zalando, ”said Ensthaler. “Germany wasn’t that good at creating technology-intensive start-ups. But we are now seeing an increasing number of these, and they are mainly emerging in research-intensive university centers such as Karlsruhe. ”Ensthaler named Saarbrücken, Tübingen and Stuttgart as further clusters. “A lot is happening at the moment.”

Ensthaler predicted a “new wave in automation”. In the USA he had seen how the implementation of technologies often went faster than expected, “even rocket-fast”. “Automation has been a big topic for five years,” he said. “But since Corona it’s not just a topic in the head, it has arrived in the now. The adaptability for automation technologies made a big leap during the crisis – the same applies to online conferences or e-learning. Software is becoming even more relevant for our economy and for living together. “

Now hear in the new episode of “Die Null”,

  • how the division of labor and cooperation between Florian Leibert, Alexander Kudlich and Ludwig Ensthaler works,
  • where the name 468 comes from,
  • How the team finds the founders, how they are currently traveling – and whether Ludwig Ensthaler also answers LinkedIn inquiries,
  • as he explains Deep Tech in a way that your mother understands too

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