Joh. Friedrich Behrens: Important decision from the federal government

Joh. Friedrich Behrens receives good news from the Ministry of Economics and Finance of the Federal Republic. An application has been made for a silent participation from the economic stabilization fund. The management there has now approved this measure. Thus, a framework agreement can presumably be concluded soon. The key data of such a contract are fixed with the approval. The total volume of support is 6 million euros.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein is also currently working on the final contracts for a loan and a silent partnership. This is about 2 million euros.

The support from the federal and state governments are of particular importance for Behrens in the current financing concept.

Investors who have a bond that runs until November 2020 can exchange their paper for a new bond that runs until 2025 until November 2nd. You will also receive a cash settlement of EUR 25 per bond. The new bond has a maximum volume of 15 million euros and has an annual interest rate of 7.25 percent. New investors can subscribe until November 5th.


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