With an additional tariff against the price spiral of the insurance

With relief tariffs, high contributions in old age can be avoided.
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Private health insurers offer their customers tariff components to avoid higher premiums in old age. But consumer advocates advise you to save yourself.

B.Until November 30th of this year, customers of a large German insurer can still take out an additional tariff. This is what a current Allianz advertising brochure suggests. Customers could reduce their premiums by up to 80 percent in this way. But this time it’s actually not a race towards an appointment. The industry – and almost all companies – has been offering premium relief tariffs for a good decade. What is to be made of them?

The basic idea is simple: health insurances are calculated in such a way that customers of the same age support one another and that aging does not in itself result in price increases. But what cannot be factored into the tariffs is medical inflation. Better treatment methods tend to make doctor visits more expensive over the decades – but insurers are not allowed to include this. But if services actually become more expensive, you can adjust the contributions from an increase of 5 percent, from 10 percent you have to.


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