US Justice takes Google to court

A shocking assumption that is now being tested.

“Google is the gatekeeper of the internet and illegally maintains its monopoly through a web of exclusive and interconnected deals that lock out competitors,” the US Justice Department said in a notable press conference on Tuesday, quoted by De Volkskrant. After all, for marketers, the search engine is crucial for SEO towards their brands. “Google’s conduct is illegal under competition laws and must be stopped,” said the US Attorney General.

Browser in exchange for money
Alphabet, the California tech giant including Google would force competitors out of the market by impermissible agreements with providers of mobile technology, among others. According to the Attorney General, Google pays billions of dollars every year “from its monopoly” to cell phone manufacturers and Internet browser makers. In exchange for that money, they install Google as the default browser and often keep out Google’s competitors. This has an impact on the provision of information to consumers, including in the run-up to the American elections, but also when it comes to purchasing preferences with regard to brands. Read on here.
(PvWK, sources: Volkskrant and Bloomberg, photo: Pexels)

In MT18: Google about Google Retail in the Netherlands


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