Open Sundays against Corona: that’s what Altmaier demands

Economics Minister Peter Altmaier wants to give shops the opportunity to open on Sundays more often. This is intended to equalize customer flows – and thus help against the pandemic.

In the Corona crisis, Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier wants to make a new attempt to get more shops to open on Sundays. He already suggested that after the “lockdown” in March and April, said the CDU politician on Tuesday after a meeting on the subject of dying shops and inner cities.

It was “unfortunately God” not to be agreed with the coalition partner SPD. “For me, a uniform regulation for the Christmas business is still what I would like to strive for.” He will now take it up again. If there is no agreement on this at federal level, he would like the federal states to go ahead.

Do Sunday shopping help against the Corona crisis?

No retailer will be forced to open on Sunday, said Altmaier. “But from my point of view, anyone who wants to should be given the opportunity.” This also gives the opportunity to straighten out customer flows in the fight against the corona crisis.

According to the Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE), the situation in many city centers is critical. Above all, many fashion stores are facing bankruptcy because of the pandemic. “At the end of the crisis, up to 50,000 stores could have disappeared from the market,” said HDE managing director Stefan Genth. “This has an impact on entire city centers.”


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