McDonald’s introduces Veggie McKroket

According to the restaurant chain, it is a step towards an ambitious goal in the field of vegetarian products. With the Veggie McKroket, McDonald’s in the Netherlands has the first vegetarian alternative to a beef burger at home, the trade media reports. Snack Courier. With the Veggie McKroket, the company says it is responding to the growing need of guests to eat less meat. In the past two years, the number of vegetarian products sold has tripled. The Veggie McKroket, like the McKroket produced by Mora, is prepared with vegetarian pulled pork, a protein-based meat substitute with a little parsley. The burger is served in the same way as the regular McKroket. The Veggie McKroket is on the menu at least until November 23, 2020 and is available under the current measures via the McDrive, Take Out and McDelivery. ‘

Trend of vegetarian offer
McDonald’s will focus even more on vegetarian products in the coming years. “We will continue to shape our ambition to find a better balance between beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian options in our offer,” says marketing and communications director Annemarie Swijtink. “Our aim is that by 2023 only half of the protein we sell consists of beef.” Read more here. More and more food marketers are cleverly responding to the vegetarian trend.
(PvWK, source: Snack Courier, photo above: McDonald’s cafe)


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