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John McAfee could shop around “hotels” if convicted of tax evasion by US courts.

The one who had bet his family jewels on 1 Bitcoin (BTC) at 1 million dollars reassures his fans: he will not follow Epstein’s road, especially when he likes his palace.

McAfee is at the Hilton

John McAfee is reportedly currently being held in a prison inSpain. Pending his extradition to United States, the millionaire hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

He recently tweeted where he said that under any circumstances he would never kill himself, for example by hanging himself as Jeffrey Epstein.

The finance mogul was found hanged in his cell after being accused of sexual assault.

For his part, Mcafee, via his wife’s Twitter account Janice, said he was satisfied with his conditions of detention, which he compared to the services of Hilton.

The meals would be decent, there would be no social restrictions, which would have allowed him to befriend several fellow inmates.

Some argue that Mcafee is not the author of these tweets and that the account is managed by employees or interns of his company.

McAfee could stay for 30 years in motels

According to the Department of Justice, Mcafee reportedly failed to file taxes on income from ICOs and channeled funds through accounts under a different name.

On the day of his arrest, the Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC) filed a civil action against Mcafee alleging that he would have earned nearly $ 23 million promoting several ICOs, without disclosing that he was paid for those promotions.

Yes Mcafee is convicted of these charges, he could be sentenced to 30 years in a US prison, which he said would be the equivalent of a Marriott or a Best Western.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

McAfee behind bars: should we cry, clap, ignore the news? McAfee’s misadventures mostly show Uncle Sam greedy for crypto income, but still beating down on cryptophiles and crypto-exchanges – ask BitMEX executives. The cryptosphere could end up splitting in two: on the one hand the cryptophiles who want to enter the framework, on the other hand the followers of anonymous cryptos and similar protocols to CoinJoin to demonstrate their revolt against the current system. A sort of Big Hard Fork: which camp will you be on?


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