Douwe Bob has to break stereotypes of whiskey

The ads were made in collaboration with Boomerang Agency, and will be shown on social media platforms YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and on national television from November 5. In a series of four advertisements, Douwe Bob breaks through Dutch traditions, Sint-Maarten is the first on the calendar. In total, Douwe Bob is challenging four Dutch traditions for this campaign, using an ironic alternative. For the first advertisement, Douwe Bob states that there should also be a Saint Martin party for adults. Because “they also deserve a treat”. He offers the singing men at his door an attractive whiskey cocktail.

Original By Tradition

The Glenlivet is on a worldwide mission to make single malt whiskey more accessible and relevant to a new generation of drinkers.

Whiskey is often wrongly labeled as intimidating, too strong, too complex or masculine. That is why the brand already released Founder’s Reserve a few years ago, now one of the most popular single malts in the Netherlands. With its smooth, fruity taste and light blue label completely different from the norm and a clear invitation to those who want to explore single malt.

With the “Original By Tradition” campaign, the brand emphasizes the importance of challenging traditions, which it says has been in the DNA of the brand since its founding in 1824. For example, after an illegal start, The Glenlivet was the first Scotch whiskey in the Glenlivet region to be licensed for distillation, after even King George IV became a fan of the fruity single malt. This campaign shows a modern reality of whiskey and how a new target audience is enjoying single malt beyond the confines of traditional conventions.

It’s time to redefine single malt: from who drinks it to the way it’s drunk

“We want to open the doors of this closed category to a new generation,” said Kevin de Graaf, Brand Manager The Glenlivet.

Douwe Bob as a tradition breaker

According to The Glenlivet, the brand has found a like-minded ambassador in Douwe Bob. He represents the new generation of single malt drinkers and has the right attitude to break old habits. Douwe Bob will break traditions together with The Glenlivet and put the variety and versatility of single malt whiskey in the picture to a new audience.

‘I have enjoyed enjoying a whiskey for a long time, it is a beautiful and traditional product where a lot of love is put into it and I have therefore always found it a shame that so many people do not dare to try it, while it is great to have whiskey together. drink ‘, explains Douwe.

‘Douwe is a whiskey lover who doesn’t fit the stereotype at all. In addition, challenging traditions is in his character, he is a real rebel. He is the ideal partner to change the image of single malt whiskey together ‘, says Kevin de Graaf.

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