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In addition, this year children could also sell at the appropriate distance of 1.5 meters from door to door. A special sales box was developed for this. More than 100,000 children from grades 7 and 8 took part this year in the Children’s Postage Stamp campaign, which was held for the 72nd time this year.

Children’s stamps were nevertheless sold thanks to a video message and a 1.5 meter sales box

Every year in September, thousands of children make an effort to help other children in the Netherlands. They go door to door to sell children’s stamps and other products. The Children’s Stamp Promotion is unique in the world. It is a very Dutch tradition and even an intangible cultural heritage. This year’s theme for the Children’s Stamp campaign was “Give a safe home”. The children from groups 7 and 8 collected money for the more than 90,000 children in our country who live in an unsafe home situation. The corona crisis has made the situation even more dire for this group of children. In November it will be announced how much money has been raised this year with the Kinderpostzegelactie.

Pascal de Smit, director of the Children’s Stamps Foundation: “We are happy that the campaign could continue this year. We conducted extensive research in advance among schools and teachers, students, their parents and the Dutch public. This showed that there was sufficient support to sell in accordance with the applicable guidelines. We felt that we could not leave the vulnerable children out in the cold. Especially in these times they need us extra badly. “


YouTuber Dylan Haegens, ambassador of Stichting Kinderpostzegels for three years in a row, acted as a coach this year. He gave children sales tips through videos. For example, he explained how children could best make a good online “sales video”. These videos could be uploaded on a special platform, after parental consent. Almost 7,500 children made use of the digital option. Children who chose to sell outside the door also received tips from Dylan Haegens. In the videos, he paid attention to observing the 1.5 meter distance and reminded children of the applicable measures by means of a quiz.

The online platform was developed by Bratpack and designed by LinkDesign. Haegens Media was responsible for the creation of the sales video and quiz.


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