Brand value and customer experience dominate the nomination list PIM MLTP

Last year, Gino van Ossel won this prestigious marketing literature prize with his book “Retail – Beyond digital hysteria”.

Platform Innovation in Marketing (PIM) wants to use this prize to draw attention to developments in the marketing profession.

Twelve nominations

Twelve contenders were chosen for the PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2020 from the nearly fifty marketing books that have been published in the Netherlands. These are the nominations in alphabetical title order:

Attention marketing, Klaas Weima (S2 publishers)

Beyond Brands, Tom Van den Bergh (LannooCampus)

Brand change, Thierry Cattoir (LannooCampus)

Data-adept marketing, Danny Oosterveer (Noordhoff)

The customer-energetic organization, Sonja Stalfoort (Van Duuren Management)

Make Dust or Eat Dust 2.0 – Market leadership in an era of extreme change, Roland van Kralingen (Business Contact)

Marketing Design with Customer Journey Mapping, Eveline van Zeeland (Boom)

Online influence – This is how you apply proven behavioral psychology for better online results, Bas Wouters and Joris Groen (Boom)

Meet the Xceptionals – The transition to the superlative in customer friendliness, Gerrit Piksen (MarketResponse)

Platform Revolution – From Amazon to Zalando, the impact of platforms on how we work and live, Martijn Arets (Management Impact)

Power Brands 2.0 – The 12 laws of new brand thinking, Marc Oosterhout (Adfo Groep)

The offer you can’t refuse – What if customers want more than excellent service ?, Steven Van Belleghem (Van Duuren Management)

To be eligible, a book must have been created within the Dutch language area and published in the period from October 2019 to September 2020. When determining the list, the jury pays particular attention to the degree of innovation. Other criteria are broad added value for the profession and practical applicability.

Brands and customer experience central

This year the attention for brands is striking with titles such as Power Brands 2.0, Beyond Brands and Brand change. A number of interesting publications have also been published on customer experience and service. Jury chairman Hans Molenaar (director Beeckestijn Business School) understands this: “Brands have to hold their own in an increasingly competitive and anonymous platform landscape, where it is difficult to distinguish yourself. It is more important than ever to show what you stand for as a brand and to organize a strong emotional connection with your target audience. This cannot be achieved with just a communication campaign, it requires an excellent organization of the customer experience. You have to realize and organize that, both within and outside the organization. In addition, purpose thinking has a strong influence on brand development; if you are not socially relevant, you hardly count anymore. “

It is more important than ever to show what you stand for as a brand and to organize a strong emotional connection with your target audience

“This time, less literature has appeared on digital and data, although these topics remain of great importance,” says Molenaar. “Digital developments are moving fast and marketing must certainly continue to develop in this area. What we see this year is that digital and data are not so much discussed as a topic in themselves, but as tools to develop brand value and improve the customer experience and service. “

November 26: twelve books in one afternoon

On Thursday, November 26, 2020, the nominated authors will present their book during the PIM Marketing Literature Prize event that will take place online this year. The afternoon offers a unique opportunity to gain a lot of innovative insights and to get to know the authors digitally in a short period of time. At the end of the afternoon, the jury will announce who is the winner of the PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2020 and which book will receive the title Marketing Study Book of the Year.

The interactive, online event with knowledge sessions, awards ceremony and networking moments is from 4:00 pm to 5:45 pm and is open to interested parties. You can register via

Jury PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2020

Chairman of the jury is Hans Molenaar, director of Beeckestijn Business School. The other members of the jury, in alphabetical order by first name, are:

Aljan de Boer, head of Inspiration Trendsactive

Arend-Jan Nijhuis, managing partner NICM

Astrid Rose, head of marketing and communications Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Barbara Deleersnyder, professor of marketing Tilburg University

Brecht Janssen, head of communication & fundraising Foundation for Refugee Students UAF

Egbert Jan van Bel, author and editor-in-chief of CustomerTalk

Frank van Delft, director of CIM7

Jeanine Dijkhuis, owner of Kies! Marketing, on behalf of the Network of Register Marketers

Max Kohnstamm, retired, passionate follower of developments in the marketing field

Nanda Huizing, head of brand, communications & digital Philips Benelux

Roderick Mirande, Senior Marketing Editor Adformation

Ruud Frambach, professor of marketing VU University Amsterdam

Shira Winterkamp, ​​partner Marketing Queens

Sjaak Hoogkamer, editor-in-chief MarketingTribune

Wil Wurtz, advisor customer-oriented entrepreneurship

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