This is what employees value most in their job

What are you planning for your career?
What are you planning for your career?dpa

# 1 Meaningful tasks

The StepStone job platform asked 19,000 people online what makes an attractive employer for them. 89 percent answered: meaningful tasks. “That doesn’t mean that everyone literally wants to improve the world with their job,” StepStone said. “But: 89 percent want to recognize the meaning behind their work and see what contribution they make to the overall success of the company.” In reality, however, according to the information, only one in three has the feeling that their work is making a difference.

# 2 Flexible working hours

Nine out of ten respondents found it important to be able to influence their working hours. They therefore named flexible models such as home office, trust-based working hours or flexitime as signs of an attractive employer. The survey was carried out in the second quarter of 2019. At that time, only around half of the participants enjoyed flexible working hours.

# 3 career

Opportunities for advancement and learning new skills are the essence of a successful career. “But with no other factor is the gap between desire and reality wider,” said StepStone’s sobering verdict. According to this, 91 of the respondents would like their employer to offer career and further training opportunities. This was the case with only 17 percent.

# 4 corporate culture

Good employees don’t just want to work externally on the job. The corporate culture is therefore more than a nice bonus or a meaningless catchphrase. Or so it should be. Around 90 percent of those surveyed stated that they attach great importance to honest communication, a fair management style and the involvement of employees in decision-making processes. However, only 18 percent attested their current employer had an attractive corporate culture.

# 5 Good salary

Meaningfulness, home office, career and competent bosses are all well and good – but very few people work out of sheer selflessness. For 96 percent of those surveyed, an attractive salary was a decisive factor in whether a job is good or not. However, only 40 percent were satisfied with their current salary.

According to the information, around 16,600 skilled workers without personnel responsibility and around 2400 managers were interviewed for the online survey.

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