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French paymium exchange since 2011

When we talk about the development of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market around the world, the point of reference is and will remain the publication in 2008 of the white paper which, a few months later, will give birth to the Bitcoin project (BTC) and the cryptocurrency of the same name.


The first 5 years of its development, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were an extremely marginal phenomenon, we were far from the growing adoption that we can experience today. It is therefore in a context of the most total novelty that Paymium, as a true visionary, was the first French exchange to buy and sell BTC. In 2011, only 3 years after the birth of Bitcoin, Paymium paved the way for the many platforms that exist today. So let’s dive into this beautiful French exchange, its history, its location in Europe but also its values, its solution and the many advantages that Paymium offers to beginners as well as to the most experienced.

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Paymium. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Paymium, your Bitcoin partner since 2011

In terms of early adopting, Paymium is very well positioned in the Bitcoin market, in fact, it is the oldest trading platform still in operation.

Graduate engineer from Polytechnic and Columbia University, Pierre Noizat see you 25 years of experience. He began his career in the United States in encrypted television, one of the first public applications of cryptography. He co-founded Paymium in 2011. He is also author of “Bitcoin, manual”And speaker.

The birth of Paymium was thus placed under the sign of a strong ambition: to create a reliable service for buying Bitcoin. Back in 2011, accessing Bitcoin was much more complicated than it is today. You either had to know someone who already had Bitcoin or be interested in the Bitcoin mining complex. Arriving so early on the market Paymium was thus alongside other pioneers like BTC-e and the infamous MT-Gox.

A company based in France

Among the key values ​​at the center of the Paymium project is that of security, compliance and customer knowledge.. Indeed, in 2011 At a time when the platforms were not very careful about compliance and especially in terms of compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, Paymium made a point of respecting them from the start. The platform thus became the first Bitcoin / Euro exchange to comply with European financial regulations.

Paymium has thus its headquarters based in France, in Paris and has established a partnership with a German bank, WEG Bank which provides a guarantee on your funds. The company has always had in its DNA a strong desire to join the French and European blockchain and crypto ecosystem. They were one of the founding members of the consortium LabChain led by the Caisse des Dépôts. Paymium was also one of the first companies to apply for the status of PSAN with the AMF.

Paymium, an exchange specializing in the purchase of Bitcoin from FIAT Coins

If you are looking for Bitcoin against euros, dollars or pounds sterling, Paymium is the exchange for you. As explained at the beginning of the article you will be hard pressed to find an exchange that has more experience. An experience and ease of purchase that will therefore make the difference. Indeed, you will have the choice to pay by credit card, payment by SEPA bank transfer or even via Apple Pay!

When comparing the multiple exchanges in the market, one of the first things to look at is transaction fees.

Indeed on Paymium, and this is a first, we see appearing negative costs of minus 0.1%. You read that right: better than paying nothing, you are rewarded for trading Bitcoin on the platform. Please note, these negative charges will only apply in the context of a position ofmaker order that you will take, the negative charges are not intended for taker orders. In other words, to benefit from negative costs you will have to offer a price at which you want to buy.

The maker order is different from the taker order, which buys at the current market price. To have elements of comparison, Paymium promotes the lowest MakerFees on the market and thus positions itself even more advantageously than Binance (0.10%); Kraken (0.16%); Bitstamp (0.50%) or the giant Coinbase (1.49%). Substantial savings in sight, therefore, if you wish to opt for the purchase of Bitcoin via Paymium.


Paymium, what ergonomics?

Now that the introductions are done, it’s time to take a look at the experience that is offered to us. It begins as always, with registration, a fateful moment that often differentiates good from bad ergonomics. Well for Paymium it’s quite positive, the first stages of registration are particularly fluid.

Regarding authentication account will have to wait a bit in order to finally be able to start trading Bitcoin on Paymium but hey it is at this price of a slight wait (most KYCs are approved in 24 hours) that Paymium ensures full compliance with European KYC regulations.

A very positive point which may appear to be a detail is the quality of the emails which follow your registration, you know the famous emails which after a while can appear as repeated spam emails. In its Welcome email, Paymium brings added value, especially for beginners by offering you a small glossary of crypto expressions, so even if you don’t know what a btc hodler, you can register on Paymium and start fueling your Wallet. In the event of assistance, Paymium support can be contacted by email and accompanies you in French.

Visual of the Paymium tradeboard
The Paymium Tradeboard, your next favorite page

Once you have registered, you will be taken to your user area. From the interface you will be able to buy / sell and view your balance as well as all your transactions at a glance from your tradeboard. You will also access your bitcoin wallet from which you can send / receive BTC. A fairly new feature is the ability to send money by email. Really good idea if you just want to send BTC to your friends, even if they don’t have an account yet! Regarding your wallet and the crypto you own on it, Paymium guarantees optimum security thanks to cold storage. In short, the private keys that allow you to secure bitcoins that you hold on the platform are secure in physical locations, not online, where it could be the subject of a cyber attack.

An interface simple and ergonomic which will allow everyone to trade Bitcoin easily. For the more experienced traders, don’t worry, the advanced interface will allow you to navigate with all the necessary indicators visible in a single dashboard. Set up your buy and sell orders, track your open orders, view price development and trade volumes, in short everything is there on this version dedicated to the pros and accessible as soon as you register. And for the most gifted traders of you who want to set up a trading bot on Paymium, it is possible, a section API dedicated will explain everything to set up your bot !

Visual your pro space to trade with all indicators under the eyes
The dedicated space for pro traders

Be paid in BTC, this is possible with the Paymium merchant service

For the tradespeople, note that there is also a bitcoin payment button function to place on your website.

It allows customers to pay in BTC, and the merchant chooses whether he wishes to receive payments in bitcoins and / or euros (automatic conversion and choice of free setting 50/50, 70/30 or 0/100 for example).

You can access this option at the very bottom of your Paymium account internet page, by clicking on “Merchants”. You can also access this feature directly from the Paymium tradeboard in the section send money by email then To receive. This will send an email with a request for payment in BTC by QR-code. This service is free.

The Paymium app, BTC anytime in your pocket?

From the application you will find all the main features of Paymium, buying, selling, withdrawing and depositing are accessible. Once again, there are no more excuses for missing a trade or not keeping up with Bitcoin. Be careful not to become addicted to mistakes either, which will keep your nose in your smartphone!

Finally, the sponsorship system is very attractive. If your friends are aspiring Bitcoin traders, with the referral system on Paymium you can recover 30% transaction fees generated by your referred friends. Even better, for each referred friend, you have a chance to be drawn each month to win 1 ETH. The more your sponsored people, the better your chances of winning. Don’t forget to tell your friends that once their KYC is validated, they too will enter the draw to win 1 ETH! All about the sponsorship program.


In a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market where you are always looking for trustworthy players, Paymium, specialized in Bitcoin trading, will be your best ally if you want to focus on investors’ preferred crypto. And for those who rather want to evolve on the Altcoins market, do not panic, Paymium has launched a new exchange under the name of, this one aims to become the European standard in terms of crypto exchange, we are talking about it. in a future article to follow!


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