Kikkert Purpose is no longer the sales trick of a marketing department

If you want to distinguish yourself from a competitor, then not only should your service come from a good home. It is about your identity, and about answering the question: how do you show people what you are worth?

To what extent does the theme “digital identity” play for you?
“It is increasingly difficult to deliver a distinctive product or service in the consumer’s perception. It is no longer possible for a company to distinguish itself on the basis of the product or service – increasingly this distinction is only the feeling that the company evokes. Fortunately, we are human beings and it is all about that feeling: it is about the identity of the company and the role the company wants to play in society. Purpose is no longer a sales gimmick (it’s definitely a hype word) of a marketing department, but part of a company’s strategy to create ambassadors among both employees and customers. “

Can you already lift a little bit of the veil: how should an organization express its identity?
“An organization should not express its identity by talking, but by doing. As a society, we are increasingly interested in the behavior of companies and hear less and less the message of companies. This makes the company the channel through which identity is expressed. “

How do you create ambassadors among your employees and customers?
“We are moving from conceptual behavior to autonomous behavior. Many companies still use the conceptual behavior: “We want you as an employee to act A if the customer has a complaint, B if he has a question and C if he or she wants to speak to someone.” But we are increasingly moving towards more important questions such as “Do you as an employee feel connected to our company, do you understand what we stand for as a company, are you able to think for yourself, within your own circle of influence, how you can respond? on a specific situation? ” This autonomous behavior ensures happier employees, more sincere communication with customers and a lot of innovation on the company floor.
In many cases we can have a little less trust in processes and systems and more trust in people! “

How do you keep customers and employees ‘happy’ even during a crisis?
“Do not anchor your identity in a digital or paper document with all kinds of beautiful pictures and words, but anchor it in the employees and in the culture of the company. Together with employees, look for experiments that fit the identity and that make the company 0.1% better than the day before. And then let employees themselves tell what results the experiment has yielded. A plan on paper that makes the company 20% better is worth a lot less than an experiment that makes a company 0.1% better. It also involves employees in the innovation and inspiring examples come from the company itself. “

How do you combine humanity and technology in an organization?
“With each technology or medium, don’t ask yourself what the possibilities are for getting customers, but ask yourself how it fits with your identity and beliefs. Companies often lose themselves in sales opportunities, but forget to ask the essential question: does this really fit with our beliefs and identity? “

Which take-aways do people go home with after your keynote?
“Based on the word” identity “, I show where the intersection lies between company results and employee happiness. In addition, I will help visitors with tools for concretizing the organization’s own identity and I will show how major brands, companies and retailers deal with this issue. Finally, I will show you how to take the first steps in this. “

This article was written by Nina van Klaveren, editor-in-chief of CustomerFirst. For more information, visit


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