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Bitcoin (BTC) and the end of the dollars

1 million dollar BTC: always makes a good introduction! Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $ 11,700 at the time of writing this article. It takes a leverage of 1: 100 to achieve such a feat. Raul Pal details how Bitcoin will cross the different steps to reach the 7 digits. BTC will be carried to this throne by institutional investors.


Don’t tell Peter Schiff: gold will soon be out of date

The CEO of Real Vision, Raoul Pal, said recently in an interview with Stansberry Research that the performance of Bitcoin would surpass those of gold.

According to Pal, Bitcoin could reach $ 1 million by 2025, notably thanks to an influx of investment in the market.

Pal explains that the interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin is real, however the current infrastructure cannot handle this influx of cash and is still too rudimentary.

Around ten companies now on Bitcoinwe have discussed 8 of them in this article.

Pal indicated that he wanted to convert his gold investments into Bitcoins : Although he is not allergic to gold, the statistical forecast is clearly in favor of the oldest crypto.

Bitcoin will cut all ties soon

Pal believes that halving positively contributes to investor interest in Bitcoin.

His opinion is consistent with that of other traders who see this event as one of the main factors supporting bullish price assumptions. BTC. The current cycle started after the last halving on May 11, 2020.


Just like the statistician Willy woo, Pal predicted a Bitcoin which will soon have its own trajectory, decoupling from the assets of traditional finance.

Are there still enough Bitcoins to mine and trade that will satisfy the appetites of future BTC whales? A deflationary currency is fine, until one day the Gargantua come into play, then that could complicate the game. Will Bitcoin Hit $ 1 Million Within 5 Years? Let’s anticipate: Will Bitcoin collapse by reaching the million dollars pushed by institutional investors, before being devalued by them? Not sure that Bitcoin’s very original spirit remains intact with publicly traded companies starting to adopt it massively. In the meantime, he needs them to make progress, but watch out for obesity. 1 BTC over $ 10,000 is good, 1 BTC over $ 100,000 is maybe more than enough right?


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